5 reasons to have dental treatment in Costa Rica

Every year nearly 50,000 foreigners come to Costa Rica to have medical and oral health treatments. Offering services in general dentistry, dental crowns and bridges, veneers and implants, we do it all!


1. Quality


Costa Rica offers quality healthcare that has many dental facilities accredited by international organizations. Many of the dentists and surgeons in Costa Rica were educated or have received training in American or western European medical institutions and have extensive scientific knowledge including quality of life, ethics and morality. The credentials of these facilities or surgeons are usually available online or upon request.


2. Convenience


Getting to Costa Rica is easier than it has ever been. Costa Rica is just a 3-5 hour flight from most places in the United States and reached via direct flight from nearly 10 major airports in North America.

With a number of flights coming every day, you can always find air fares at an affordable price. If you are willing to travel to Costa Rica in non-peak season (May – November) you should be able to find even better deals. Costa Rica is closer than you think and flights are less expensive than you might imagine.


3. Savings

The number one reason why people come to Costa Rica for dental care is for the savings. What makes it even better is that you receive all those savings without compromising quality. On average, a medical tourist traveling to Costa Rica can save 40% to 70%.

Even including the travel and hotel costs, the savings are substantial. A common example would be that a dental crown in the U.S. typically costs $1,000 or more, while in Costa Rica can cost $500 or less.

This is the same crown and implant that would be used in the US. When it comes to more complex dental and medical work, the savings can be even greater.


4. VIP Health Service

It’s our pleasure to assist you with your Costa Rica Dental vacation arrangements; we're here to help with VIP Flight services with United Airlines, discounted lodgings as our guest with complimentary airport shuttle at arrival, and more information on all the best tours, excursions and places to visit.


5. A Vacation

In addition to the reasons mentioned above, your dental treatment in Costa Rica is also a great excuse to just get away from it all. You can enjoy a fabulous vacation while accomplishing something you’ve wanted to do. Costa Rica enjoys tropical warm, sunny days with fresh breezes almost year round.

Forget about snowstorms and winter weather here. There are few countries in the world where you can find beaches on the Atlantic and the Pacific, volcanoes, mountains, hot springs and rivers all within a few hours of each other. Plan a trip to one of our beaches, which are ranked among the best in the world. Take a nature excursion to see some of the country’s biodiversity.