Meet Our Dental Specialists

Cosmetic Restorations such as composite fillings, veneers, on-lays, or crown restorations  will be performed by Dr. Delfin Barquero, (a Prosthodontist, graduated with honours), and Dr. Bernal Soto, Masters of Restorations over Complex Cases. They oversee your entire case and ensure the highest quality outcome and aesthetic.


Dr. Delfin A. Barquero,DDS

The Barquero name has a long history of Dentistry in Costa Rica, for more than a hundred years the tradition of Dentistry has been passed down through the family. Dr. Delfin Barquero continues the proud family tradition bringing innovative new technologies and sciences to the craft of modern Dentistry in Costa Rica with DaVinci’s Dental Care.

  • General Dentist  University of Costa Rica,  2002.

  • Internship in Oral Rehabilitation, University of Costa Rica,  2003-2004.

  • Clinical Research Course University of Puerto Rico,  2006.

  • Oral Rehabilitation Residency Graduation with Honors, University of Costa Rica,  2007.

  • Pro Bono Professor University of Costa Rica,  2002 to date.

  • University Professor ULACIT,  2005 2007.

  • Demanding Esthetic Vita VM13. Vita Zahnfabrik,  2006.

  • Sprint Course Vita In Ceram and Vita VM 7 Unversity of Costa Rica,  2006.

  • Opinion Leaders Symposium Latin America, Seefeld Germany,  2007.

  • Internship in physiological occlusion, Vita Zahnfabrik, Munich Germany,  2007.

  • Advanced Dental Implant Surgical Procedures. Tel Aviv University,  2008.

  • Academic Director Odontópolis Training Center – MIS Implants,  2008- 2010.

  • Clinical Director and owner of Specialty was DaVincis Dental Designers Group,  2010 to date.

  • Director and Owner Training Center DaVincis Dental Designers Group,  2010 to date.

  • Current Concepts in American Dentistry Advances in Implantology and Oral Rehabilitation. New York University,  2011.

  • Ceramic Attendant week. UCLA,  2014.

  • Da Vincis Dental Director Training Center.

  • Coltene Opinion Leader.

  • Ultradent Opinion Leader.

  • Digital Smile Design Master Instructor,  Sao Paulo Brazil.

  • International Speaker.

  • Lecturer of the College of Dentistry of Costa Rica.

  • Member Ondontólogos CAO,  College of Costa Rica.

  • Member of Micro View Group.

  • Microscopy in Dentistry.

  • Member of the International Team of DSD Masters,  Sao Paulo Brazil.


Dr. Bernal Andrés Soto Arce,DDS

Dr. Bernal Soto received his Master’s in Rehabilitation over Complex Cases in Barcelona Spain, with continued further education in the Costa Rica, and the USA. He has been welcoming patients for over 16 years with a passion for perfection, and a focus on helping patients achieve their full mouth restoration and cosmetic goals. A dedicated family man he splits his time between his clinic, family, continued learning and teaching.

  • Graduate of Saint Paul´s College

  • Licensed in Odontology at ULACIT

  • Diploma in Esthetic Dentistry at University of Costa Rica

  • Master in Oral Rehabilitation and Advanced Dental Esthetics at the International University of

  • Cataluña, Barcelona Spain

  • Course in Clinical Changes in Esthetics and implants solutions

  • Course in SR- Adoro Ivoclar Vivadent

  • Course in IPS-Empress and IPS I EMax crowns

  • Course in Comparison between different types of light sources for color selection

  • Costa Rica Chairman for the European Society of Cosmetic Dentistry (ESED).

  • Past President of the Dental Esthetic Studio – CIMA Hospital

  • Doctor of Esthetics – Prisma Dental

  • Associate and professor – DaVinci’s Dental Academy

  • Associate – DaVinci’s Dental Care

  • Member of ADA and AACD