In Costa Rica, you can receive higher quality health care than what you might receive in your own home town while at a much better price. Our patients can receive up to 60% savings on their Implant treatments at DaVinci’s Dental Carecompared to North American costs. All this combined with our highly trained staff and quality medical facilities combine to make Costa Rica a desirable place to have your dental work completed.

The modern dental implant is a surgical device, most commonly used to replace one or more missing teeth by fusing to the bone and acting as an artificial tooth root. Dental implants can replace a single tooth, where a crown is fastened to the underlying implant or on multiple teeth such as bridges, full mouth restorations, partial dentures or fixed dentures. In multi-teeth replacements, implants can be fixed, where a bridge of teeth is secured to multiple implants or removable, where implants are used to secure and stabilize a denture by joining to it with an attachment that can be released by the denture wearer. Dental implants allow people, who are missing teeth to be able to smile, speak and regain a good bite so they can chew well and comfortably, bringing back their vitality and enjoyment in life.

A dental implant is a specially designed small cylinder or screw made of a biologically compatible material extensively tested over several years called titanium metal. Implants act as an anchor and can be used for replacing a single tooth, one or both ends of a bridge or a full denture, therefore less implants are needed to cover a more expansive area.

Dental Implants have more than 30 year of continuous research that has resulted in excellent technology that gives Dr. Barquero and the team at DaVinci’s Dental Care the peace of mind in providing the patient a great success rate. DaVinci’s Dental Care uses top implants brands from Implant Direct, manufactured in the United States.

We prefer this system because of quality of titanium, internal strength and precision of the components, anti-rotational design and lifetime warranty. This implant system is one of the best on the market today.

At DaVinici’s Dental Care, we are a team of Costa Rica dentists and specialists who work together to provide all the necessary dental procedures to solve your problems, applying the most advanced techniques and sterilization procedures according to “OSHA” regulations.

For your safety and confidence we use state-of-the-art equipment, including computed dental radiography (uses 90% less radiation), intra-oral video cameras and other advanced technology to provide you with the very best results possible. We also have an outstanding nursing and dental assistant staff that will make you feel as comfortable as possible during your visit.

When deciding on any new purchase it can be easy because you can see it and actually touch it. But when it comes to investing in your health things get a little more complicated. You need to make your decision based on knowledge and confidence; therefore, it is most important that you select a physician who is not only a qualified and experienced with implants but one who also has the technology and the ability to truly show you in a visual manner the advantages and disadvantages in an open and realistic manner.

Contact us today for a Digital Smile Design consultation to see the science and success behind the technology. Contact our International Patient Coordinator at with any questions you may have about your anticipated treatment or your stay in Costa Rica.