Microscopic Enhanced Dentistry (or micro dentistry) allows Dr.Barquero and the team at DaVinci’s Dental Care the ability to see the tiniest details that are simply impossible to visualize with the naked eye or loupes, glasses with magnification in the lenses. Less than one percent of general dentists use microscopes to perform examinations. Dr. Barquero has taken the lead in Costa Rica with this endeavor in Micro Dentistry.

Dr. Barquero, and the team at DaVinci’s Dental Care, has selected surgical operating microscopes that give a clear, magnified perspective. This enlarged 3D image facilitates a more accurate diagnosis and precise treatment. Greater visual acuity with the surgical microscope’s wide range of magnification, and bright illumination, and removes a lot of guess work that can take place with “eyes only” dentistry. Because many fractures and cavities are too difficult to see with the naked eye or loupes, the microscope strongly assists Dr. Barquero and the team at DaVinci’s Dental Care in spotting the fine dividing line between healthy and unhealthy situations.

Patients can actually watch Dr. Barquero perform treatments, if they like, since the microscope projects the image on a monitor in the treatment room. Dr. Barquero can also then show and discuss with the patient what is shown under the microscope to explain the treatment plan, removing any doubt or confusion.

With microscopic dentistry, Dr. Barquero and the team at DaVinci’s Dental Care can provide a win-win situation for both the patient and the practitioner. Higher magnification allows the dentist to see more clearly so that we can identify and correct problems early on, which saves the patient time, money, and a beautiful smile.

Contact our International Patient Coordinator at clinic@davincisdentalcare.com with any questions you may have about this revolutionary technology.