Orthodontics is responsible for correct tooth position and jaws that are positioned improperly, bringing harmony to the smile through the proper alignment of teeth, bone support, lips and facial balance.

Crooked teeth that do not fit properly are difficult to be kept clean and may be lost prematurely due to decay and periodontal disease. Improper tooth or jaw position can also cause an additional strain to the muscles of mastication which can lead to headaches, TMJ syndrome and pain in the neck, shoulder and back stress region. Orthodontic treatment helps to make a healthier mouth, a more pleasing appearance and is suitable for patients of all ages.

Currently, the combined effects of new technologies provide tools to increase efficiency and reduce orthodontic treatment time. Here at DaVinci’s Dental Care we work with the most modern equipment in the field of orthodontics, always seeking new technologies that provide tools to increase efficiency and reduce the time of treatment for the patient.

Below are the types of braces we have to suit every need:

Fixed Lingual

Lingual braces are virtually invisible braces, since they are bonded to the inner surface of each tooth (lingual), allowing treatment to be virtually undetectable. The lingual technique allows you to do your orthodontic treatment with fixed identical to other techniques (brackets glued on the external surface of the teeth) results, while still maintaining a look and smile unchanged during treatment.

Orthopedic Device Functional

Functional Orthopedic Devices are mobile, always placed in the upper and lower jaw, working together. The apparatus consists of stainless wire, expanders and acrylic resin. Being a removable appliance, the patient can take it out to eat and clean.

Fixed appliance Metallic

Perhaps the best known of fixed Braces, metal fixed braces are very efficient and offers a good alternative for people who do not prioritize aesthetics.

Fixed Aesthetic Apparatus (China Sapphire Damon)

The aesthetic devices represent an alternative for patients who do not want a metallic smile. This aesthetic apparatus is made of ceramic or different plastic compounds; and are manufactured with the same parameters as metal and can typically be used to treat all orthodontic problems taken into account by your orthodontist at the time of choice.

Orthodontic Micro Implants

Orthodontic mini-implants or orthodontic micro screws, or MPO, are structures, usually made of titanium that act as an aid in anchoring to correct several common situations in orthodontic mechanics.


These aligners are virtually invisible and reposition your teeth step by step to achieve the smile you want. When teeth are too crowded, or there is too much space between teeth it can harm oral health, leading to swollen gums, bleeding gums, and periodontal disease. Properly aligned teeth help the gums to better fit around the tooth, providing better periodontal health. Unlike braces, with Invisalign you can brush and floss normally, preventing tooth decay and progression of periodontal disease.

To reserve an appointment, or if you have any questions about your anticipated treatment or Costa Rica contact our International Patient Coordinator at clinic@davincisdentalcare.com