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Experience the benefits of Computer-controlled Local Anesthetic Delivery Systems at DaVincis Dental Care and you will feel a whole new way to have pain free dental treatments.

In the mid-1990s, work began on the development of local anesthetic delivery systems that incorporated computer technology to control the rate of flow of the anesthetic solution through the needle and assist with pain management. This concept is now called computer-controlled local anesthetic delivery (CCLAD). The first of these CCLAD devices, such as the Wand™ was introduced in 1997.

This system enables the dental team to accurately manipulate needle placement with fingertip accuracy and deliver the LA with a foot-activated control. The lightweight hand piece is held in a pen-like grasp that provides the user with greater tactile sensation and control compared to a traditional syringe. The available flow rates of LA delivery are controlled by a computer and thus remain consistent from one injection to the next. The greater control over the syringe and the fixed flow rates of the LA drug are responsible for significantly decreasing the pain of the injection, which helps to dramatically improve the overall experience for the patient.

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Keven Peoples