Why Costa Rica is great in the Green Season

While many North Americans typically travel to Costa Rica from December to May, many Europeans know some of the best tourism experiences and options are available during the green season.

Why is the green season so special? …The Green Season is known for showcasing Costa Rica’s biodiversity, Birds, Monkeys and many other species are having their babies, wonderful waterfalls are flowing everywhere, flowers are in bloom in abundance and most mornings are fresh, clear and bright giving you lots of time to explore, or simple chill out on the beach and take in the scenery. Off season rates also give you a break on costs, with many providers offering sales and special rates, less tourists means higher availability for accommodations, excursions and tours.

The Green season also signals the return of whales, turtles and other marine species that come each year to the warm coastal waters to berth their offspring and lay their eggs.

They stay and play in the shallow bays along the coast enjoying the abundant food sources ensuring their offspring will grow strong for future journeys they will soon need to take. Four different species of turtles come to the shores of Costa Rica each year at this time to lay their eggs ensuring for future generations the enjoyment of these slow, graceful sea creatures. To spend a night watching a turtle crawl out of the ocean and lay her eggs in the sand, or watch the turtles hatching and see these little guys flock back to the ocean to begin a new life is an experience everyone should have the opportunity to witness .

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Keven Peoples