Bone grafting Part II

The Procedure

In order to determine if a bone graft is necessary, the extent of grafting required and what source material should be used, a Cone Beam 3D CT scan must be taken and analyzed. If the patient’s own bone is to be used, the location it will be harvested from will also be scanned and analyzed.

The donor bone will be placed at the recipient site and anchored in place with small titanium screws which are removed after the recovery period during the implant procedure. A mixture of marrow and other material is placed around the edges of the block to stimulate bonding. The surgeon then lays down a tissue membrane over the Bone graft before closing the incision.

It can take 4-9 months for the augmentation to heal and integrate with the surrounding bone before implants can then be placed

Recovery and Post-Procedure Care

After the surgery, you will be given pain medication, antibiotics and an antibacterial mouthwash.

It is advised to avoid certain foods such as hard foods, nuts, etc. that put stress on the graft until it heals completely. Depending on the size of the graft and the materials used, it can take 4-9 months before the jaw is strong enough to receive implants. During that time, ensure you maintain proper oral care (routine brushing and flossing) and a healthy diet to ensure its success.

Keven Peoples