Micro Dentistry

Micro Dentistry… what’s in it for you?

The advantages of Micro Dentistry for the patient and the dental team are numerous: lower stress levels, effective control of the operatory field, less fatigue, improved ergonomics, and more efficiency.

The result is satisfaction and pride for the dental team and an unprecedented level of clinical excellence in treatment for the patient.

Micro Dentistry is a science-based tool, the goal of the Micro Dentist is to identify unsound tooth structure at the microscopic level, which will become a threat to the long-term stability of the tooth, and then neutralize or remove those structures with minimal disruption and invasion of the surrounding sound tooth structure. Minimal disruption of sound tooth structures provides the additional patient benefit of reducing or eliminating the pain associated with traditional dentistry.

As a direct consequence of higher magnification and the visualization obtained, treatment can be more precise and less invasive, thus preserving the oral tissues and dental structures from unnecessary substance loss during procedures such as diagnosis, cavity removal, and cavity preparation.

Experience the DaVinci’s Difference today and see for yourself the technology and science behind the Perfect Smile!

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Keven Peoples