The Importance of Proper X Rays

We often get asked what type of x ray is best, and simply put it depends on the treatment required.

For general dentistry a Panoramic x ray will be sufficient and will give a view of your jaw in one dimension, it will let the dentist know about cavities, infection etc. It will not show what is under any metal crowns, so a clinical exam is always vital.

If your treatment plan includes Implants then a 3D scan, also called a Tomography, is required. This allows the dental team to see the entire jaw in 3D, they can then turn the image to determine, bone structure, depth and width to determine whether a patient is a good candidate for Implants. The Implant surgeon will use this tool to ensure the implants are placed exactly in the correct area of the jaw bone. A Tomography is an essential first step for anyone who is considering Implants.

As a general rule all x rays should be within 6 months old.

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