Digital Smile Design Analysis

Design the perfect smile for you… An introduction to the science of Digital Smile Design (DSD) software.

What is Digital Smile Design (DSD), and what does it do for you – Through a step-by-step workflow DSD gives you, the patient, full aesthetic evidence of the virtual smile in a very personalized way. With the modern technology of digital processing, the dentist is able to show a vision of the final prosthetic result prior to completion and can then provide the necessary information to the dental lab technicians for the execution of the perfect future prosthesis for each patient.

How does Digital Smile Design (DSD) work…Using just two images, the face with the patient’s smile and an intra-oral shot with a dental mouth opener, the DSD software then performs a series of accurate and mathematically controlled measurements to verify alignments, symmetries and proportions giving the patient the perfect smile before work has even commenced and ensuring your full satisfaction upon completion. These precise mathematical references allows the dental team to proceed to a digital reconstruction of your smile exactly as the one the real restoration aims to achieve, allowing you to view, and make changes if necessary before the restoration has commenced.  A mock up of the new smile is then created for you to try on so you can see how the final restoration will look prior to commencing any preparation of your natural teeth. Once the Mock is approved the DSD measurement and the mock are used to create the final restoration.

Why is it important for you.. Knowing what your smile will look like prior to commencing treatment is valuable tool for each patient, it gives you the opportunity to get involved in your smile creation, enhances the communication between you and your Dental Team which in turn improves your experience and satisfaction level with the restoration. Wouldn’t it be great to know exactly what your new smile will look like before work is completed?

Because when you invest in something as important as your new smile you want to know exactly  how it will look on you first!

Experience the DaVinci’s Difference!

Keven Peoples