The Importance of Proper X Rays

We get many inquiries from people asking for a rough estimate on a complicated dental treatment plan. A plan that could vary significantly both in timeline invested for the patient and the overall budget.

Here are 3 reasons getting the proper x rays helps you…

Proper X rays give your Dental team the best picture of your oral health, providing you with the most accurate timeline and the most accurate price.

Proper X rays give you a complimentary second opinion, many treatment plans are considered invasive and costly, having a second opinion gives you the benefit of an alternative treatment option and peace of mind that your treatment plan is sound.

Proper X rays help you in determining your real costs so you can set a realistic budget, it also means there are no surprises in the quoted costs once you arrive.

it is easy once you know your true budget to compare the savings by completing your dental treatment in Costa Rica.

For more information on the right kind of x rays for your treatment plans  contact our international patient coordinator at or call us today at 305 280 2272

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