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DaVinci’s Dental Care first in Costa Rica to offer True Laser Whitening in Clinic.

How does the LASER Whitening work?

First, we apply a protective barrier around your gums and apply a whitening agent to your teeth. Then we place the laser light onto your teeth, and in as little as 30 minutes – your teeth will become an average of 8-12 or more shades whiter!

Why do I need an Exam & Cleaning?

Since we use a prescription strength teeth whitening, our dentists suggest a cleaning before the teeth whitening. This is so we whiten your teeth directly and not on top of any plaque or tartar. This allows us to reach optimal whitening results.

Will it harm my teeth? You may experience some sensitivity after the procedure depending on your enamel, however this is only temporary and not typical. Using Sensodyne toothpaste prior to whitening helps reduce any sensitivity.  There are no long-term damaging affects from the whitening and we use every precaution necessary (gum barrier and glasses) to ensure your safety!

A professional cleaning and true laser whitening can make a world of difference to your smile in just one easy appointment.

For more information on whether laser whitening is right for you or to book your true laser whitening appointment contact our International Patient Coordinator at  or call us today at 305 280 2272

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