Introducing the 3Shape Trios Wireless Digital Scanner Platform. … shaping the future for Cosmetic Dentistry at DaVinci’s Dental Care


Introducing the 3Shape Trios Wireless Digital Scanner Platform… We believe digital tools enhance treatment experience and satisfaction levels for our Cosmetic Restoration Patients.

High quality digital impressions with accurate real-color impression to evaluate treatment and improve patient dialogue and satisfaction. Shade measurement for digital reliability with HD photos to enhance details. The TRIOS® shade measurement was found to be more reliable than the human eye in a recent joint university study.

The highly durable, titanium 3Shape scan also enables us capture implant positions accurately for all major implant systems, with a feature a unique ID code that identifies the implant system and connection.

We can offer patients the highest quality of digital imaging and treatment evaluation in the marketplace today,  the 3Shape Trios is the global leader in Dental imaging,  which is a pivotal tool in creating the perfect smile transformation for patients. With Wireless HD imaging there is no guess work in the  digital design flow or smile restoration process.

Experience the DaVinci’s Difference… Where science & technology meet the art of Cosmetic Dentistry!

Keven Peoples