The Benefits of Vonlays


In the tradition of Minimally-Invasive Dentistry, Vonlays might just be the answer for you.

A combination between Veneer and Onlay this restorative option requires a much less invasive preparation process to the natural tooth structure than a full-coverage crown yet still provides the same structural benefits. Simultaneously enhancing strength with the aesthetics restoration of the remaining tooth. With the availability of newer high-strength materials and processing technologies like CAD/CAM and heat pressing, dental professionals are now able to produce highly aesthetic, high-strength restorations that blend seamlessly with the natural dentition while also withstanding posterior occlusal forces. This has resulted in innovative methods of providing minimally invasive dentistry.

For patients presenting with wear, decay, color, or occlusal problems in posterior teeth, this treatment option will be less invasive, more readily repairable, less technique-sensitive to attain bonding, and leaves a sounder tooth structure remaining for the patient.

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 Excerpts from Article and Credit to: Edward A. McLaren, DDS

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