What color should you choose for your new smile Restoration


Dentists chose teeth colors from the Standard Vita guide (shown above)

Usually an A1 or B1 would be the most highly chosen for white teeth, however today we are seeing more and more celebrities and others choosing a whiter shade of white… but is it natural looking, and is it right for you.

How to get the right color shade for you; Depending on your natural color shade, you may want to complete a Lucerna laser whitening session prior to choosing your new crown or veneer shade. This will help with the color transition

For example; if your teeth are naturally an A4 color and you want to restore them to an A1 shade we need to bridge the gap, so to speak, with a whitening session. This is so the natural tooth color underneath the restoration will more closely match the new crown shade being place on the tooth.

There are some general guidelines for choosing a natural looking shade of white, which can be based on hair color and complexion. If you have a fair complexion with light colored eyes and hair then you should choose a brighter shade of white and stay well away from any yellow hues as the yellow will look even more yellow without the contrast of dark skin. The same rules apply if you have a dark complexion, as the darker your skin tone the brighter your smile will appear and a super white color will look even whiter on you.   If you have gray hair you can treat it the same as blonde, so a white shade is best if your hair is gray. Hair with a reddish hue should also stay away from any yellow shades and should opt for a brighter white. You want a shade that is not unnaturally white, and is of course age appropriate.

The best way to determine the right shade for you is to have your dentist fabricate a set of temporaries in the shade you selected and see how they look. At DaVinci’s Dental Care we do this with a Digital Smile Design Analysis and complete a Mock up that you can wear to test shade, shape and size of your new smile restoration prior to completing your final crown or Veneer restoration with the ceramist.

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For more information on the right shade for you contact our International Patient coordinator at clinic@davincisdentalcare.com

Excerpts taken from the book Billion Dollar Smile – a complete guide to your Extreme Smile Makeover,  by Dr. Bill Dorfman

Keven Peoples